Nungwi | Zanzibar


a little bit of Zanzibar

Unguja has two island:Zanzibar and Pemba,which even if they are not very far from each other,have different climate and vegetation
As with most Indian Oceanic island,the monsoons season runs from early march until late may
At south of Zanzibar there is also the mafia island,reachable only by light airplane(25 mn)

Zanzibar o “Unguja” is also known as the spice island, its history dates back to the 1st century BC when roman and greek boats they reached the eastern coasts of africa
Over the century, arab,persian,portuguese and african merchants succeeded each other all looking for ebony, coconuts,fruit timber and obviously slaves furthermore,for several centuries,maritime trade between africa and asia was very intense
The Stone Town di Zanzibar it is a UNESCO world heritage site

As illustrated in an exceptional way by the architecture and its urban structure virtually intact, the city reflects the merger and the harmonization of different cultures with a wide range of local, arab asian and european restaurants the city appears very dynamic and colorful
Zanzibar has enormous symbolic importance in the suppression of slavery since it rapresented one of the main ports for the slave trade, as well as the base from which the opponents of this operated (see david livingstone)